privacyIDEA is an open-source solution for reliable two-factor authentication.

By using privacyIDEA, you can enhance your existing applications such as VPNs, remote access, SSH connections, access to websites or web portals, and local logins with a second factor during authentication.

This enhances the security of your existing applications and it doesn’t tie you to any authentication protocol solution and doesn’t dictate where your user information should be stored. This is achieved through its fully modular architecture.

privacyIDEA supports a wide range of authentication devices, such as OTP tokens (HMAC, HOTP, TOTP, OCRA, mOTP), Yubikey (HOTP, TOTP, AES), FIDO U2F, as well as FIDO2 WebAuthn devices like Yubikey and Plug-Up, smartphone apps like Google Authenticator, FreeOTP, Token2, or TiQR, SMS, email, SSH keys, x509 certificates, and registration codes for easy deployment.