TOR can be just as good a source of information as Google. The main thing is to know how to search. In this post, we will share useful and up-to-date links to various resources and utilities that will allow you to find the information you need in the .onion segment.

1. IACA dark web tools – a start page for two dozen search engines that work with TOR and are available from the regular web.

2. SearchDemon, Phobos, Tor66, ExcavaTOR, Raklet, SeИtoЯ, Torch, and OnionLand Search – search engines that work inside the TOR network.

3. Exonera Tor – a database of IP addresses that have been part of the Tor network. The search engine answers the question of whether a Tor relay was running on this IP address on a selected date.

4. TorBot – a convenient Onion crawler. Collects addresses and titles of pages with a short description, gets email addresses from websites, checks if links are active, and saves reports in JSON. Can be run in Docker.

5. Katana-ds – a Python tool for automating search using Google Dorks and with TOR support.

6. OnionSearch – a Python3 script for automating search in the .onion zone through public services.

7. Devils Eye – is an OSINT tool for searching the Darkweb. Does not require TOR installation. It can also search the i2p network.

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